MHLFIT offers a highly flexible suite of tools which may be selected from and customised for user needs. Some of the tools which can be chosen from the suite include:

  • Flood prediction – coastal, riverine, overland, etc.
  • Coastal Lake and Lagoon management
  • Entrance condition predictions and analysis
  • Dam overflow predictions and interaction downstream
  • Wind wave predictions
  • Water quality predictions
  • Wave predictions
  • Tide and ocean anomaly predictions
  • Scenario modelling to test "what ifs" and do mock events for training purposes
  • Real-time inundation mapping
  • Inundation animations from predictions
  • Automatically triggered alarms based on actual and predicted environmental data

The outputs from these tools can either be presented in a customised client web portal or integrated with a pre-existing system of the client's choosing. MHL endeavours to make each solution specifically tailored to the client's requirements.

More info about specific tools still to come!