Dora Creek Kalang Road - Water Level Predictions

— — 1% AEP Flood Level   – – – 5% AEP Flood Level   — Level 1 Flood Classification (1.0m) in Dora Creek

What rainfall is used to predict water level?

Plotted on this page are water level predictions for Dora Creek at Kalang Road. Predictions are made using different rainfall scenarios:
  • Persisting: water level predictions with rainfall persisting as at present (average of last 4 hours)
  • Abating: water level predictions with no rainfall

Critical water levels:

1% and 5% AEP Flood Levels:
Flood levels with an Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) of 1% and 5% for Dora Creek at the Kalang Rd water level gauge. Refer to the Dora Creek Flood Study, 2015 for more information.

Level 1 Flood Classification (1.0m) in Dora Creek:
This indicative flood level was defined by the NSW Public Works and Lake Macquarie City Council in 2001 to inform flood risk management. This level has not yet been defined by SES/BOM and does not directly correspond to minor/moderate/major flood levels for Lake Macquarie. The Kalang Road alarm triggers at 1.0m AHD before the water cuts the road at Baker Street near the railway line.

Please refer to the Flood Behaviour tab for further advice and information.